Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Berkeley Springs

We took a few days off from work around the Columbus Day holiday to go to Berkeley Springs and visit with some of Peter's side of the family.  It was nice to have a few days together to hang out since we rarely get to see them.  We rented a house and were able to be low key and have lots of fun.  We played a few games, chatted lots, and went to the Apple Butter Festival.  We took turns making dinner each night and had random lunches - sometimes together, sometimes not.  I took lots of pictures so this is only some of them.  Photo overload warning, though!  I think there are like 70 in this post!

The guys (minus Andrew who didn't come until Sunday) at the Apple Butter Festival checking out a kid's police car.

Peter and his dad:

It was great to meet Wesley and Zack for the first time!  Zack is such a chill baby :)

Uncle Peter teaching Wesley how to pick up leaves with a stick.  Wesley thought it was a great trick haha.

Hanging out at the Apple Butter Festival in the park:

Mom and Dad Formica :)

Wesley and Zack love books and had plenty of people to read to them for a few days.  Matt and Mom Formica would read bedtime stories.  Somehow we all gathered around for them :)

Each morning there was a beautiful fog in the valley.  

Lonely red leaf.

A shot of the outside of our chalet:

One day we went to Cacapon State Park and had a small picnic lunch at the top of the lookout area.  This isn't the top so maybe next time we'll have a picnic here! haha

The lake area was deserted and just beautiful.

I attempted to take a picture of Andrew, Peter, and Dad Formica...

...and it turned into a chaotic slew of pictures haha.  

I believe the boys were pretending to be in a band??

These are only a few of the pictures, too!

They kept going so I just kept snapping away.

Who knows what Peter is doing behind his Dad??

Tin trash can = drum set...?

Finally!  A decent picture :)

Beautiful lake area again:

I love this bridge :)

Can you tell it was bright outside?

I love how the water was so still that the reflection came out so clearly.

We headed to the playground for a bit, too.

Peter was making silly sounds that was cracking Zack up.  

Look at those adorable faces!

I think this is when Zack had a "stinky".  Haha!

The park was beautiful will fall colors.  We drove to the top of the lookout...

The view is just wonderful!

Time for lunch!

I didn't put this here, just snapped the picture!

Group shot!

This house was on the street our rental was on.  I just love it!

We wanted everyone to try the Fairfax Coffee House for breakfast because that is a favorite spot of ours in BS so one morning we all went.

Wesley chatting with Grandma and Grandpa Formica:

Look at this kid's face!  So cute!

Everyone at breakfast:

Hubby and me :)

Andrew was showing Wesley a magic trick.  He loved it!

Grandma Formica with Wesley and Zack:

We tried to go to the little wine shop afterwards, but it was closed.  Turns out lots of things are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays :(  I love this bench outside of the shop, though.

Perfect little pergola for pictures:

I saw this sign in one of the antique shops we ventured into.  PJF = Peter Joseph Formica :)

We drove to another little lookout area (not as great as the one in the park), and of course, it was the perfect spot to check Andrew's oil...?

Me and Mom Formica :)

I guess Andrew's car needed some oil. 

There was a historic sign of some sort so of course Dad Formica had to check it out :)

Mother and son :)

Father and sons :)

Us with Peter's parents :)

All in all, it was a great trip.  Fun times were had by all.  The only thing I could've done without is the cricket invasion in the basement!  

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