Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple Picking at Triple B Farms

Peter and I love to pick apples each fall.  We usually go at the end of September or beginning of October, but with our busy schedules we didn't go until today!  We kind of just squeeze it in this weekend after church because this is the last weekend available here.  We also tried a new farm.  Usually we go to Simmons, but this year we tried Triple B.  

The weather was great and the farm was packed!  

Unfortunately, the apple picking left something to be desired.  They only had one variety left.  I wish they would've told us that when we were paying for what size bag we wanted.  We went with the usually half bushel size since that's what we normally get.

The apples look nice, but neither Peter nor I really liked the taste of it.  They are cameo apples.  Neither of us even heard of this variety before.  Since we got so many, I think I'll be making lots of applesauce! Hopefully they'll taste better that way! :)

Even with the letdown of lack of apple variety, we had a good time.  

It was nice to be outside enjoying the fresh air.  :)

Peter even made a new friend!

Blue skies and open fields = good for the soul. 

This cute little butterfly landed on the tree we were picking apples from so we took a few pictures of it. This one was my favorite.  :)

Lots of cameo apples haha


Might as well fill the half bushel bag since that's what we paid for!  Who knows what we'll do with them all!

I spotted these peacocks on our way out.  So pretty!


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