Sunday, February 1, 2009

An eventful week.

As we gathered with friends this weekend we were asked how I week has been. I like Peter's answer of "eventful" the best. What has made it so eventful? Let me catch you up...

Monday: Normal with work and then a chiropractor appointment.

Tuesday: Work and then our new Small Group (which is quickly becoming a large group :) ) study at church.

This is what it looked like Wednesday morning when we woke up. Ice was everywhere and made getting to work a bit tricky. We made it though.

I really like the way ice looks in the trees and everywhere. I just don't like how dangerous it is to travel in haha.

We had a bit of trouble getting the doors open. I took this picture from inside the car. As you can see it was covered in about an inch or so of ice.

Weds: Braved the ice for work and then came home. I wasn't feeling well in the evening and thought I was catching a stomach bug. I was getting ready to hit the sack and hope I felt better in the morning. Peter got up to get new batteries for our remote and said he heard something in the basement. When he asked me if I heard it, I said no. He went to investigate to make sure everything was ok and didn't even get the whole way down the steps before smelling gas and saying we had a gas leak. I called my mom and she said that gas companies have emergency numbers so we called them. The lady from the emergency line told us to just stay put, not turn anything on or off and someone would be there within the hour. The roads were a little tricky so it would take a lil while. We just sat on the couch waiting, but not feeling safe so we bundled up and grabbed Cadi and sat in the car until the gas guy came. He found the leak and said it was 5%, which I didn't think was bad, but apparently it's explosive level. We were just in the car to get away from the smell and didn't think blowing up was a factor! The gas guy had to turn off our gas and we called some plumbers who have 24 hr service and set up for 2 companies to come in the morning. The roads were getting really bad and we'd have to pay for the late night service, so we decided to wait until the morning. Luckily we had an electric space heater that I've had since I was young and we just bundled up for the night. I actually didn't even notice we didn't have heat because we shut the bedroom door most of the way. Until I woke up and went outside the bedroom and saw it was 48 degrees on our thermostat!

Thursday: I stayed in the warm bedroom most of the day while my awesome hubby took care of the problem. He gave me updates on what was going on and we made decisions on which plumber to use together, but other than that, I stayed in the warm bedroom and Peter was in the cold house taking care of business. We were told our hot water tank might need fixed because it was leaking, but it ended up being excessive condensation which we were very thankful for! We said we'd fix it if needed obviously, but wanted to see if it was just condensation because of being so cold. It was kind of coincidental so we were glad it wasn't broken. I was so happy to hear the furnace kick on again. We kept in touch with our bosses and ended up taking the entire day off because we thought the gas company would be back in less than an hour after we call them (because that's what they told us Weds night), but they couldn't guarantee that and could only say it'd be sometime that day. By the time the plumber and gas guy left it was after 2 PM so it was pointless to drive the hour to work to work for 2 hours and drive an hour home. We ended up being glad we took the whole day because around 4 PM we heard a hissing sound and the pilot light on the furnace went out again. The same plumbing/heating company sent a guy back out to fix it and we had heat again. Both the plumbers and the gas guy had said how lucky we were with hearing the leak and getting things taken care of so quickly. We could've died in our sleep or the house could've exploded! I thanked Peter for saving my life because he was really the one who discovered the problem, but ultimately consider us blessed to have not had a bigger issue than we did. We had heat all night and it was still on when we woke up on Friday!

This is how it looked outside on Thursday. Not a good day to not have heat!

Friday: Went to work and came home to a freezing cold house. Our pilot light on the furnace went out again! We were so tired of dealing with this issue and called the same plumbing/heating company and they sent another guy out. He replaced the thermocouple and tested it and really did what needed done. The other two times I guess they just cleaned it out and lit it. Apparently it was a really small flame and when this guy left it was a gigantic flame in two spots. So we were really happy with that and he didn't charge us anything-not even for the part! This is really a great company. The only problem was that the plumber guy who fixed the pipe wasn't experience in heating so didn't know how to fix the furnace problem with replacing the thermocouple.

Saturday: Had breakfast with Pastor Tim and then bummed around during the afternoon. In the evening we had a get together with the couples from our Small Group. It was great fun to hang out with folks outside of Tuesday night and to get to know people a little better. We even met another new couple that only started coming to Hebron 3 weeks ago. We ate tons of yummy foods, talked, played Mafia, and laughed our heads off.

Today we went to church and then ate lunch with Jerry. We also did a few errands and afterwards came home and took an afternoon nap. It was so nice to get an extra bit a sleep in! Then we went to a Soup-er-bowl party. Jerry made 3 yummy soups and we watched the Superbowl with some other friends/church folks. We left at halftime to avoid being out late and being on the road at the same time as the drunk drivers haha. We're now relaxing at home, listening to the game in the background, and vegging out before another eventful week starts. I'm really looking forward to "The Office" after the game, but might need to tape it. I don't know if I'll be able to stay up that late!

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RU said...

I hope the problem is fixed for good now and you guys are safe in your own home!! PRaise God you are OK - gas leaks are serious business!
Hope you are feeling better too- sickness is no fun :(