Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kitchen Storage

Our kitchen isn't that big, but it gets the job done.  The only real hassle is counter space.  Especially when I'm cooking and trying to balance cutting boards on the edge of the counter haha.  We've been trying to rearrange things to make more space, but we just had too much on the counters still.  (ie toaster, toaster oven, canisters, knife block, paper towel holder, dish drainer haha)  We finally came up with something that is great for us and has freed up a lot of space by storing it all in the same unit.  

Our kitchen used to look like this in the one area.  The shelf was left in the house so we put it to use and the stand the microwave is on was our TV stand that wasn't needed since the old owners left a great console tv that we use.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, we purchased this dining room buffet piece from Craigslist for $75 with the owner delivering it to our kitchen.  Not too bad.  It looked way too much like a dining room piece though..duh.

I then pulled out leftover paint from when I painted all of the cupboards/cabinets in the kitchen when we first moved in.  I also used leftover shelving paper that I put in all of the cupboards/cabinets and drawers to line the newest addition as well.  This is without any of the hardware done since I ran out of black spray paint and had to pick some up on Friday after work (96 cents at Wal-Mart and it's indoor/outdoor) which is good so I can use it for other projects too.

This is with the doors back on as of tonight.  Looking great!  I am buying two new handles since it had the old school drawer handles on it and I'd like it to match the more simpler looking ones on the rest of the cupboards/cabinets.  I also have to paint the two handles for the doors.  They were nailed on and not able to be removed so I'm going to have to tape around them and try to paint them.  I'm thinking of just ripping them out and getting ones that match what we have, although these two aren't as odd looking compared to the drawer handles.  This unit holds both the microwave and toaster over as well as the coffee pot, crock pot, and deep fryer down below.  I also store all of our food storage containers and travel mugs down there with bottled waters.  And there's room to spare!  Plus I have two empty drawers that I can fill.  I'm going to rearrange some of what we keep in the dining room (like spare kitchen towels etc) and put them in the kitchen drawer for this unit.  It doesn't stand out as a buffet piece anymore and matches the rest of our kitchen.  Took a whole lot of sanding though since it had varnish on it.  Plus 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  I'm becoming a pro at this :P

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RU said...

Looks awesome! So much better :) I love how paint makes things look all shiny new!
Your place is coming together very nicely.