Sunday, June 29, 2008

Work Work Work

Aside from work, we helped some friends paint an apartment in one night on Monday.  There were enough of us there that the work went fast and finished by the time everyone left.  Initially they had planned to be painting all week.  

I also had another dentist appointment on Tuesday.  When I arrived a few minutes late, they had given my appointment to another person.  Well I asked how long of a wait and she said not long and I said if it was like an hour we'd go grab dinner for Peter who was starving and come back.  Being told "no definitely not that long" we waited.  Well it was an hour.  I was mad because of my stressful day at work prior to my arrival, the dense traffic which caused me to be late (by less than 10 mins).  Plus I'm at the dentist ALL THE TIME!  I have never just not showed up and that's what our receptionist claimed she thought would happen?   I was like whaaaaat?   I pieced it together later though that they had a cancellation right before my appointment and so they were hoping I came earlier.  When I didn't, the person that arrived early for their appointment after mine was ushered in causing me to wait.  This ultimately meant I  missed Young Adults as I didn't even leave the dentist until after 7 PM.  And to top it off they had to send my crown back to the lab to be altered so it's still not finished.  They're supposed to call me because it was only supposed to take 2-3 days.  I'm going to call them tomorrow though because sometimes I think their receptionist isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, if you know what I mean.

It was nice to leave early on Friday though.  I have some PTO hours I had to use because of year end and didn't want to lose them.  With the licensing visit tomorrow, I couldn't use them.  So I did on Friday.  Peter and I drove to Arlington VA for the annual RESNA conference which is where we've been since.  His company is here presenting, etc.  It's been cool to see some of their product users and get to know them; as well as learn more about the field of alternative augmentative communication.  

Traffic down here is nuts though.  We were going to go to Richmond to visit Emily but the traffic was insane.  Bumper to stickin' bumper with no end in sight.  We had an interesting experience with the HOV lanes as well and saw a cop pull over 4 cars simultaneously.  We cancelled our meeting with Emily and got back to the hotel 4 hours later.  Whew.  Kind of a wasted afternoon haha.  Oh well.

Now Peter is finishing up a presentation with Bruce and we'll be heading home.  The lobby here at the Hyatt is pretty nice with 3 floors plus two floors below with meeting rooms and chairs/couches all over.  

It will be nice to get back to Pittsburgh though.  At least we know how to deal with that traffic haha.

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