Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Today Peter and I officially joined Hebron Church.  It's the church we've been going to for about a year now and have become involved in.  David Shrader spoke today too so it was a double good service.  After church, we went out to eat at Max & Erma's.  We actually still had a $25 gift card from Christmas so only paid $14 for the rest and tip.  We had a very delicious meal.  We shared a nacho appetizer with cheese, seasoned beef and sour cream topping.  I had the hula bowl which is a salad with baby greens, grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, mandarin oranges and honey mustard dressing (yum!) and Peter had a corned beef sandwich of some sort with fries and a baby green side salad.  Then we got chocolate chip cookies for dessert because they are a must!  

After lunch, we stopped into Lowe's because I'm still looking for handles for my dining room buffet piece I put in the kitchen.  The center to center holes is 2.5" and most come standard at 3" so I'm having a bit of trouble finding something.  I want them to match what we already have which are fifty years old haha.  I know I won't find exact, but similar.  I did find something that matched in style that were chrome that I could easily paint black but they were 3" too.   Bummer.  I also picked up a new paint pad because we are going to help the Shrader's paint their apartment since they are all moved out now in preparation for their big move.  I also have some painting to do at home and will need a new pad so I figured I'd get it to use it for both occasions.  

We came home in the afternoon to just relax.  Peter even took a nap to catch up on some rest.  After he woke up, we did a few random things around the house.  The first of which was hanging the shelf in the kitchen.  The brackets have been up forever and we just haven't had time and a chance to get the shelf cut and put up.  It was relatively easy and I am so glad to have it.  More counter space!  

This is the most recent picture I had before the shelf went up.  It was from about a year ago though haha.  But it gives you a good enough idea.

And here is my new shelf!  The wood was actually left here by the old owners who had some shelves all around the kitchen that we took down.  I was able to move my canisters off the counter to free up some space and get my cookbooks off the top of the fridge and move my recipe box from the windowsill.  I also put the fruit bowl there to fill the space at the end and free up the countertop beside the stove.

We also changed the a/c filter, cleaned Cadi's litter, got the trash and recyclables ready for tomorrow's pick up, and just tidied the place up a bit.  

I was looking around the kitchen and how different and how much better it looks than from when we first moved in.  It hasn't even been 2 years but geeze have we been busy!  My husband is awesome because he has helped soooo much!  His muscles sure come in handy and he's learning to use power tools from Jeff which is great!  

Now it's storming again and we're just winding down to get ready for bed.  I love these evening thunderstorms.  It's been beautiful during the days and then storming at night.  My flowers are getting watered too which saves me time and money from the water bill haha.  The only bad thing about the storms are that Cadi gets scared haha.  

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