Saturday, March 17, 2012

Basement and Garage Cleaning

Our basement and garage have been in desperate need of cleaning up.  We continue to just put things down there to get them out of the way.  We also never cleared out some of what the previous owners left behind.  Now that we've basically got our living spaces under control, we want to focus on fixing up our basement and garage area.  

Step 1 is cleaning out!  We spent 3 hours and got a ton accomplished!  We got rid of old junk, organized what we wanted to keep, and even swept out both areas.  Last month we had new glass block windows installed and the crumbling concrete wall under our basement steps fixed.  When they were done, Peter and I spent 30 minutes in the basement putting things back and cleaning up a bit.  So that helped, too.  

Check out these before and afters!  

Step 2 is going to be dry locking all of the walls, ripping the carpet up and putting leftover kitchen floor materials on the steps, and possible painting or cleaning the floors somehow.  But that's for another day!

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