Sunday, August 28, 2011

Findley Lake Cottage

Peter and I have been so busy this summer.  We've barely done anything "summery" and haven't been able to connect with our crazy schedules.  Our amazing friends have a lake cottage that they let us stay at for the weekend.  It was AMAZING!

The cottage is in Findley Lake, NY - up near Erie, right over the border from PA.

We drove up Friday night after work.  Initially we anticipated getting there around 8PM, but there was a major fatal accident on 79N which really backed up traffic.  We went less than 2 miles in an hour and were turned around in an emergency turnaround so we had to find some back way.  We ended up getting to the cottage way after dark and decided to hit the sack and start fresh in the morning.

This is what we woke up to!  It was absolutely beautiful!

Since it was pitch black out when we arrived, we couldn't really see anything outside.  The cottage is right on the lake and it was a perfectly sunny morning.

The porch overlooking the lake was awesome.  So relaxing!

We decided to head "into town" to a small cafe for a light breakfast.  Peter had a bagel sandwich with OJ which he said was quite delicious.

And I had a super yummy cinnamon roll with iced chai.  Yum!

After breakfast we walked around to the few shops on Main Street.  It was so quaint and we dreamt of opening a shop in a lake town someday.  We bought some homemade soaps which smelled amazing.  We also bought some wine from the Finger Lakes region and cheese to enjoy as an afternoon snack.  Peter also bought me a little candle holder as a souvenir.  :)

Then we took a quick drive around the lake to check things out.

We headed back to the cottage to do some reading and bask in the sunshine.

This is the inside of the cottage. Look at that wood burning fireplace.  I bet it's nice to cuddle up inside when it's cold out.

Loved these lanterns that were on the porch!

This is a picture of the cottage from the deck.

Me and the hubs - happy to be getting away together!

A few of the other side of the lake:

There was even a cute island in the middle of the lake.

No schedules.  No problem!

We kayaked a bit in the lake, too.  :)

I loved, loved, LOVED this porch swing!  It was so nice to swing and enjoy the peaceful environment.

We spent the rest of Saturday enjoying the sunshine, reading, and relaxing.  We hit up a local tavern for dinner and watched a movie on TV before bedtime.

On Sunday, we had breakfast out again.  It was much chillier on Sunday - very fall-like which was quite enjoyable. The wine we got on Saturday was the best white wine I've ever had so we stopped back for a couple more bottles to bring home!  We also walked around this cool building with a water wheel.

Like I said - this porch swing was just wonderful :)

Feeling happy, well-rested and connected!

How many self-shots can we take? haha

We read on the porch for a while, took a bunch of pictures, and then decided it was time to start the drive back home. 

We stopped in Erie on the way home since neither of us had ever been there.  Presque Isle was a beautiful park.

Lake Erie is HUGE!

It was nice to not have to rush and be able to just mosey along.

So pretty!

There's even lots of beach areas in the park.  We heard about people going to Erie all the time, but didn't realize how nice of a place it is!

We joked about this being our beach vacation incase the Outer Banks gets destroyed next week with the hurricane predictions.  We hope we can still go, though!!

This weekend was much needed and we're so grateful to have such wonderful, generous friends to share their cottage with us.

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