Sunday, August 7, 2011


This weekend was PEC, a conference for Peter's work.  We ended up staying in the Sheraton hotel in Station Square from Thursday night through Sunday.  Since we are a one car family and Peter had to be there almost 24/7, it made it easier to stay there.  Thursday after work, we checked in, grabbed dinner, and then Peter had to do some set up work.

Friday I went to work as normal and then went shopping after until Peter would be able to go to dinner.  I found some great bargains at Target including 2 scarves for $3.24 each, an umbrella for $7, and sparkly black flip flops for the wedding for $3.  

Saturday I had Karen's baby shower, did some shopping at Joann (stocked up on fat quarters for 80 cents and baby flannel for $2.39/yard) and then had a picnic at Peter's work.

Sunday was only half day for the conference so we were out of there by lunchtime.  We hit up Rey Azteca for lunch and then enjoyed relaxing at home for the evening.

When I wasn't shopping, working, or at the baby shower, I just stayed in the hotel room and did some crafting.  I worked my tail off on making the treat bags for Mark and Jackie's wedding.  I got about 3/4 of the way done so that's great news!

Why do weekends have to fly by?

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