Sunday, July 17, 2011

Balloon Quest

Yesterday we headed to New Castle for their annual Balloon Quest festival. It was super hot, but so much fun!

We even met a presidential candidate. He was super weird, swore, and had a big wrench. That's all I really remember from our 1 minute encounter. That, and that I'll never vote for him haha.

Jeff wanted his picture with the guy and his bus:

Peter climbed the walk climbing wall they had :)

Look at him go!

They had all kinds of little games, food booths, and other festival fun. We even played bingo, but never won. Jeff did many times, though!

We had the best popcorn from the Washington Union Alliance Church (the church the Schindels attend). It was so super delicious! And free!

They launched a ton of hot air balloons. We were front row and it was cool to see all the work that goes into getting the balloon off of the ground.

Peter and Jeff :)

So typical...

This is why it's such an ordeal to get a nice picture of the two of us...

Good grief.

There we go. That'll have to do ;)

Steph and me :)

Watching more balloons getting blown up...

There goes another one!

So bright and colorful.

This is the balloon that Jeff and Steph's church sponsors. The people who run the balloon just sold it so it was their last launch. It was fun, but obviously emotional for them.

Every time that I thought all the balloons were launched, I'd see more getting blown up.

This was a strawberry :)

All of the little dots are balloons.

It was so pretty with the balloons filling the sky as the sunset was starting...

A cool shot from directly under one of the balloons as it floated overhead:

Beautiful open land and skies filled with bright balloons. So fun!

I snapped this picture from across the field as we headed to the car. Such a fun summer night!

We stopped at Pizza Joe's and I had some BBQ pizza for dinner. It's my favorite and I miss Pizza Joe's being closer!

Good weather, good friends, good food. Great day!

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