Sunday, October 10, 2010

Geneva Homecoming

Yesterday was Geneva's homecoming. It was a beautiful day and we got to spend some quality time with great friends. I forgot our camera at home, but David snapped this one of Peter and I at the game.

We spent the day at Geneva, eating Chick Fil A from the stand, attending Josh's memorial service, and watching Geneva get their butts kicked.

After the game, we all went to the Schindels for pizza and dessert. We ended up talking and hanging out for hours. Peter and I brought an overnight bag "just in case" since we always end up being at the Schindels so late and never have our necessities. We were glad to have the overnight bag and were up until around 3 AM talking with friends. It's days like those that I really feel blessed to have such great friends!

And just for's a picture that Peter took of David & Amanda. Just one of the reasons I love these guys!

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