Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom turns 60!

My mom turned 60 this weekend! Peter and I went to my parents' house in Hollidaysburg to celebrate with her. My mom, sister, and I spent yesterday afternoon shopping. My mom had a 30% off coupon at Kohls and of course none of us could find anything we really wanted to buy. I bought a skirt on clearance, but you would think with a 30% off coupon that I would've gotten more! It always seems to work that way. I find 100 things I like when I don't have a coupon and then can't find anything when I do have one. Haha.

After shopping, we went to a new Mexican restaurant in town - Montezuma. There were 10 of us and the place was busy, but luckily the wait wasn't too bad. Peter and I got there a little bit before everyone to put our name in since they don't take reservations or call ahead seating. The food was delicious! I'm really starting to like a wider variety of Mexican food. The best part of dinner was when they came to sing "Happy Birthday" to my mom. They made a huge ruckus with screaming, screeching, and clapping. One of the waiters even hit my mom on the head on beat with the song haha.

They even supplied a sombrero for my mom to wear!

This really looks good on her, right? haha

After dinner, we headed to my parents' house. My sister and I planned a little surprise for my mom and had her friends come over for dessert and coffee. My mom said she was truly surprised, but I'm not totally convinced. I think she had some suspicion. In any case, it was a fun evening and I hope she felt loved turning the big 6-0.

Today we did a little more shopping and then went to a birthday party for our nephew, Bryson, who turned 7 last week. Erik had everyone out to Slinky Action Zone for pizza and fun. Around 4, we headed back to so that we could make the drive home before it got too late. Then this evening we just did some random things around the house to prepare for the coming week. I can't believe it's Sunday night already. Why do weekends always go by so fast?

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