Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drew and Ashley's Wedding

Well...Drew and Ashley are married! Here's a quick recap of the day from my point of view.

Ash and I got up early, dropped her dress off at the church, and met the other girls at the hair salon. Here's everyone getting their hair done. Lots of curling going on!

At one point I called Peter and he delivered Starbucks to us! What a nice guy! :) After getting our hair done, we headed to the church to get ready for the wedding. Once we were all dressed up, we headed outside for some pre-ceremony pictures. Then we had some waiting to do. So we waited and hung out all dressed up. At some point Ashley realized that her veil was ripped so we had a mini-emergency, but everything ended up fine.

The bride chilling before the ceremony:

Some of the bridesmaids hanging out:

I remembered to take a picture of my toenails since I didn't yesterday. They look almost black here, but they were dark purple to match my dress.

A few minutes before the ceremony, Ashley announce that she was feeling overheated and might pass out. Not good! She was just nervous. Not about marrying Drew, but about being in front of everyone haha. I kept telling her to breathe and she was ok. I cried walking down the aisle haha. I just started thinking of my little sister all grown up. I noticed that Ashley was definitely focused on breathing as she was walking down the aisle and I was hoping she would make it ok. She was wavering back and forth during the ceremony, so I braced myself incase she was going to fall. Luckily she was fine! The ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch. (Except for the sand that Ashley poured all over the table instead of in the unity sand jar!)

After the ceremony, Mark had surprised her with a limo ride for going to the reception! We made a quick stop at Garvey Manor to see our great-aunt Pat and then headed onto Laurel Lodge for the reception.

I don't have many pictures from the reception because I was busy visiting with people, video taping, eating, and dancing!

After some more pictures outside at the Lodge, we were announced into the reception. Then the typical wedding reception fun began!

Ash and Drew:

Mark and Ashley:

The cake that I sadly didn't even get a piece of :( I heard it was delicious though!

The rest of the reception was lots of fun. I was a dancing fool since not many other people were dancing. I was trying to get others to dance so I was a bit over the top at times. :P Ash and Drew also played a fun game during the wedding. I'll have to post some of the videos from the reception soon.

Lots of good food (turkey dinner theme with lots of yummy treats to go along with it), friends, family, and fun. I was totally pooped by the end of it and we still had a long drive to Newark NJ ahead of us to get geared up for our flight to Italy on Sunday. We didn't leave Hollidaysburg until close to 11 PM. Yowza!

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