Friday, July 9, 2010

Ashley's last day as a Bevan...

I can hardly believe that this weekend has arrived! My little sister is getting married! TOMORROW!

Last night Peter and I drove to my parent's house and spent the whole evening setting things up at the lodge and making little paper favors until the wee hours of the morning. I haven't been up that late in a looong time!

This afternoon we ate lunch at Sakura and then headed to get our nails done. Lunch was yummy! Ash loves Sakura, and so do I!

Here's a picture of Ashley and the other ladies in attendance. From L to R - Cacie (bridesmaid), Holly (Drew's mom), Chelsea (bridesmaid), Natalie (bridesmaid), and my mom. Katie, the last bridesmaid, hadn't made it into town yet. She was running late so she met up with us at the nail salon.

Cacie took this picture so that I'd be in some, too. :)

My sis, mom, and me.

This picture cracks me up because the guy that was doing Natalie's nails was sweet on her and just kept talking with her. Obviously, Natalie wasn't sure what to make of the situation. Meanwhile, Cacie and I just laughed and felt uncomfortable because the ladies doing our nails kept chatting in Chinese and were most likely talking about us!

This is a picture of my mom's very first pedicure!

Natalie and her nail man.

I'm pretty sure Natalie liked the fish better though!

The nail place that we went was great. I was super pleased with my nails, but neglected to take any pictures of them. Oops!

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