Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This year for Easter we went to Mima's. We actually stayed at her place to eliminate the amount of driving between Pittsburgh, Philly, and NJ that we'd have to do if we stayed at Peter's parent's house. It worked out well for us so that we weren't totally exhausted and were able to enjoy time with family. Somehow I didn't take many pictures from the first half of the day. Oops!

This is when Aunt Marian was bringing in Mima's birthday cake. Mima didn't know it was coming!

Here's the family gathered around the table and John-Paul taking pictures of Mima with her birthday cake.

Peter and Andrew being silly as usual. :)

Mima cutting her birthday cake:

Caleb and his grandma. How cute is that face?!

Mima's all smiles to have all of her family there for Easter. We wanted to see Nana and Aunt Marian, but knew we wouldn't have time over the weekend to make a separate trip so we asked for them to be able to join us. We're so glad they did!

Caleb and his grandpa:

Big sister Bella. She's so adorable!

This is pretty much what we did all day. Eat and chat and chat and eat.

Bella wasn't too into her BK crown, but Aunt Grace loved it!

We were so glad to be able to spend a weekend with Mima and time with so much of our family on Sunday. We hated to have to leave early on Sunday, but had a long drive back home for work on Monday.

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