Sunday, April 11, 2010


The tulips and azaleas are starting to bloom in our front yard. The splashes of spring are much welcomed after the long winter we had.

We finally dug up this huge area of thorns, trees, and other random plants. We've planted the grass and it's starting to sprout! So exciting! By this fall we should have all lawn on that side! The front is almost done! :)

The beautiful pink phlox in our garden:

This side of the front yard is mostly finished. We just have the small patch of grass to plant that can been seen in the lower left of this picture. Hopefully we'll tackle that this fall and be done with the front.

Our house looks so different than when we first moved in and only gets better with each passing season.

This rhododendron blooms an amazing pink color, but this is its last year in our front yard. It's too big to transplant and just in an awkward location now that we got rid of that flower patch. We figure we'll enjoy this year's bloom and then hack it down- haha.

Last year after Easter I got a bunch of tulips that had already bloomed for about 50 cents - $1 each. I planted them and hoped they'd return strong this year. So far they are doing great!

This year we also decided to try our hand at vegetables. We started with lettuce since lettuce likes the cold and is pretty easy to grow. We got these plants for a few bucks at Home Depot and they've really been taking off. We have tried the lettuce and it's delicious! We'll definitely be doing this each year.

I love each of the seasons, but am always glad for the changing seasons. I don't think I'd be able to easily live somewhere where it was typically always the same weather. Unless maybe that weather was Autumn. :)

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