Friday, November 20, 2009

Light Up Night

Tonight was Pittsburgh's Light Up Night for Christmas.  Peter and I have been going into the city for this for years.  We've missed it a few times for our honeymoon and such, but if we're at home, we go.  It's a fun thing to do to get in the Christmas spirit!  This year wasn't nearly as cold as last year which was kind of nice.  The mild weather caused people to come out of the woodwork though.  It was mobbed!  I'm not a fan of that as much, but it was still fun :)

We also always eat at Palomino when we go.  The first year we went we saw the restaurant and wondered what it was.  The following year I surprised Peter with reservations and we've been going ever since!  It's right in the middle of all of the action and has windows along the sides to do some nice people watching haha.  

We had our waiter take this one.  He didn't use the flash so it's pretty dark, but I still like it.  

The rink all decked out for Christmas:

A bit blurry, but still cute :)

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