Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hozak Farms

We got our Christmas tree yesterday!  We decided to get it a bit early since we're never in town the week of Christmas and I wanted time to enjoy it longer :)  We went to Hozak Farms again this year.  It was a beautiful day, but we kind of wished it was snowing like last year.  It makes it all the more fun when it's snowing!  My aunt Paula decided to come over again and participate in the festivities.

The big farm!  The clearing is where the tractor drops off and picks up people.  Last year we drove right out into the lot, but this year there was a tractor.  

Peter spotted our tree right away!  We marked it with a stick from the ground and looked around to make sure there wasn't one we liked better.  There wasn't!  We came back and got the first tree :)

Here's our tree, Peter and Paula waiting for the tractor.  Last year they hauled the tree down to the car.  Remember this postcard picture?

Me and the hubs with our tree:

We got it home and all decorated with the rest of the house!  Pictures soon to come :)

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