Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

I'm officially nuts.  I went out at midnight to shop with my mom, sister, and Peter.  It wasn't bad at first.  I did my big order for Kohl's online earlier in the day and only had 3 things I wanted to pick up in store.  2 items at Macy's and 1 at Kohl's.  We hit up Macy's at midnight and were in and out in less than 30 minutes.  Then came Kohl's.  Big mistake.  HUGE!  I was done in a few minutes because I didn't have to stand in the huge long line that wrapped around the store 1.5 times.  I had to go to customer service since I had to add my item to my online order to fix an error with my Kohl's cash.  My mom and sister were buying things though and had to stand in line.  I went to the car with Peter and it was over 2 hours later that they were done.  Actually, closer to 3.  At 1:30 I could've been in bed.  We didn't get home until almost 4.  We were going to go to Denny's for something to eat, but the wait was about an hour and we didn't call until we were ready to eat.  Peter was dying so we went to Sheetz where it took an hour to get a breakfast sandwich.  If we planned better, then Peter and I could've gone to Denny's and waited the last hour there and then could've eaten.  Oh well.  Lesson learned!

We got some sleep and then went out again later that day to Target and a few other places.  It wasn't nearly as bad!  Of course all of the door busters, etc. were mostly gone, but we weren't looking for anything like that anyways.  I ended up getting a dress and sweater that my mom bought me for Christmas.  I'm sure by next month I'll forget what they look like and it'll be a surprise.  :)

Black Friday shopping is always nuts I think.  I suggest online orders if at all possible.  :)

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