Thursday, May 12, 2011

My New Craft Desk

I finally found a great desk to add to my "craft room". It's really a spare room that has my closet/dresser in it as well as all of my crafty stuff and exercise stuff. It's now just referred to as "Mal's room" haha. It used to be our "guest room", but we finally did some cleaning out of our beloved "West Wing". (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?) So now we have "Mal's room" and the "guest room/office".

For $30 on Craiglist, this desk was a great find. It actually has a drop in area for a sewing machine and a drop leaf on the back that you can wheel out (yes it has hidden wheels!) for double the work space. Perfect in so many ways! :) But it needed a little sprucing up...

After a tedious weekend of cleaning, sanding, and painting, I had the main part of the desk with drawers/door done. Because I have the attention span and patience of a 5 year old, I wanted to get the desk in the room ASAP. I'll do the drop leaf later.

I also added new drawer pulls for $1 each. So for a total of less than $45 (I had to also buy a new hinge for the drop leaf part), I have a great new desk!

I also won a $25 gift card at Michaels from Allison's awesome giveway so I bought myself a new self-healing cutting mat to use with my rotary cutter. :)

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