Monday, May 16, 2011

A little switch-a-roo

Our beloved "West Wing" is officially gone. After getting my craft desk all ready for its new space, we did a little switching of rooms upstairs. Here's my new crafting space. I just love it! As you can see, I already made some adjustments to the stuff on the desk. I didn't like how the 3 drawer organizer was see through, so I cut some craft paper for the front and like the way it looks much better! I'm debating painting my sewing machine cabinet and the little wooden cabinet next to it white as well. I could fill with green instead of tan on the bins, but that might be a little too matchy matchy. Thoughts? I have a love/hate relationship with the wrapping box in the corner. I also need to do a little more organizing of the stuff on the bookshelf. All in good time...

This is the other corner with my closet and dresser as well as the hampers. Exciting, I know.

This side of the room is less fun. Maybe in time it'll get fixed up some way all pretty-like.

My desk. Love it!

And what became of the West Wing? Oh, just our adorable new little guest room. Sorry, 1 guest at a time, please. Unless you don't mind sleeping on an air mattress, pullout couch, or couch.

I love these room layouts muuuuuuch better than before!

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