Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New To You Sale

This evening I helped out at our church's "New To You Sale".  I helped organize some of the items that are going to be sold.  I've never attended the sale in the past, but am bummed I didn't because they get a HUGE turnout!  Lots of things for sale and lots of shoppers!  The sale doesn't start until tomorrow night, but I got a preview and was able to get some pre-shopping done. 

I was able to score lots of goodies for around $6!

Items include 2 books for $1 each, 2 odd-shaped pillow cases that I'll be using for fabric for 10 cents and 50 cents, 25 tea light candles for 50 cents, a big glass platter for $1, a men's shirt for fabric for $1, an unused Bath & Body Works Energy candle for 50 cents, a candle holder for 25 cents, and a polar bear baby fleece onesie for my new niece coming in October for 50 cents.  Not a bad haul! :)

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