Friday, April 6, 2012

Rogers Flea Market

Peter only had to work a half day today since it's Good Friday.  So I took a half day as well and we met the Schindels at Rogers Flea Market!  The weather was great - not a cloud in the sky and breezy.  It was actually on the colder side which is always my preference.  :)  I was on the hunt for a wooden spice rack.  Would you believe that there wasn't one to be found in the entire place?  I was so bummed!  Oh well.  It was nice to see the Schindels and walk around outside.  Afterwards, we went to The Wooden Indian for dinner.  :)  

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Rae said...

I enjoy your blog. I love to go to Rogers also, sooo much to look at! Just wondering where the Wooden Indian Restaurant is?
Have you ever been to the Company Store? It's right down the road from Rogers --it's fantastic!