Friday, April 29, 2011

Phipps Conservatory

A few months ago there was a groupon for Phipps Conservatory. Peter and I bought one so it worked out to basically be two tickets for the price of one. We've actually never been to Phipps so we thought we'd definitely use it. We were afraid that the weekends would be super crowded so we decided to go tonight after work. There were people there, but nothing crazy so we're glad we did go after work.

As a side note, the weather here in Pittsburgh has been completely up and down. One day it's sunny and warm and the next I'm back in my warm boots. No wonder my allergies are all over the place.

The outside of Phipps:

This is the first room we walked into...

We couldn't believe how many plants and decorations were everywhere!

This room was still being set up for summer. I can't believe how many plants they need to plant!

This room was very lush with greenery and flowers.

Here's my handsome hubby. Too bad he wasn't feel that great this evening, either. I think my allergies have turned into a cold and I passed the germs onto him. :(

I loved the color of this one:

Phipps had many different streams and water features throughout the different rooms. So neat!

We didn't know what to make of these weird human gumby things we kept seeing...?

Some pretty flowers:

The butterfly room was pretty cool, but most of them were on the window ledges far away.

These glass items through Phipps were pretty awesome:

Veggie garden! This reminded me that we still need to plant our lettuce this year, haha.

Another cool room:

Part of the conservatory is outside which is cool. Here's a bleeding heart in bloom. Peter loves bleeding hearts. :)

There was this thing for kids to climb into outside... of course Peter had to try it out!

Another water feature:

Pretty trees:

This is a carved gourd. How amazing is that??

Another stream:

Enjoying our walk through Phipps :)

Peter took a picture of this guy. Kind creepy, haha.

There was even a waterfall!

I'm realizing that since Peter had the camera more that I didn't get many pictures of him. Oops!

I love orchids. I think they're so pretty!

One of our favorite areas was the Japanese garden. So peaceful :)

Somehow we made a turn and ended up in a cactus room...definitely not Japanese! Peter's telling me how prickly everything is in this room. Don't touch!

More cacti:

And a few more...

We both thought that this room was very pretty and "Spring-y".

This was an interactive fountain that you could program to do lights and different things with. Pretty cool!

More beautiful flowers:

This was a room that you could only look at. You couldn't actually walk through it.

After that last room I realized we went everywhere except for the portion of the Japanese garden that we missed when we hit up the room full of cacti. So we headed back around to check out what we missed.

We both loved the Japanese Maple trees and this little bridge.

Bosai trees:


I don't know what the pink tree is with this Japanese Maple, but I liked it, too! It looked sort of like a dogwood of some sort.

More cool shots from the Japanese Garden:

It took a little over an hour for us to see all of the rooms. Had we both been feeling better, we probably would've stayed longer, but it was the end of a long week and neither of us were feeling 100% so we headed home for some dinner. :)

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