Friday, August 27, 2010

Time For a Change

Last week was the worst week at work that I've ever had. My supervisor is completely useless. A co-worker left the department and due to poor management, we've been scrambling to make things work in my department. We have a new addition, but she has no HR experience and was supposed to be an administrative assistant. Now she's being dumped on with HR things. My other co-worker is leaving in a few short weeks for 4 months at a client. Last week my supervisor lost his temper with me for no reason. The co-worker the left the department and the new addition both didn't do something they were supposed to do. When I got pulled into it, I tried to inform my supervisor and he was cutting me off, asking irrelevant questions, and told me to shut up and quit acting like I know everything. I was super peeved. I cleared out my desk and told Peter he needed to come pick me up. I sent my supervisor an email saying that I didn't appreciate what had happened and that I was taking the afternoon off to think about what I need to do. He denied telling me to shut up and said that he's only ever been supportive of me since he's gotten here. Um, what??

Anyways...this and everything else that has been going on with being completely overworked, underpaid, and demotivated has pushed me to actively seek other employment. I'm still working at the same place for now. I don't want to hurt myself and Peter financially by quitting. I almost, almost, almost did though. Peter was super supportive and we talked for days about how we would make things work if necessary.

I'm trusting God through this and that He has a plan. I know that He can see the whole picture while I can only see a piece of the puzzle.

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