Friday, January 1, 2010

New Kitchen Island :)

While waiting to pick up pizza one day during Christmas break at my parents' house, Peter and I stopped in VCF to look around. I'm still holding out for my matching end table! They have them for $250, but since I purchased my first one for $50 in the clearance section (with nothing wrong with it but a small scratch on the back that was barely visible), I can't justify $250 for the other! Even if it's just $300 for the set. One day I hope to see another clearance one to match :)

We didn't find it on this trip, but we did find this...
...a new kitchen island! On clearance for $96! :) They even had one in the warehouse so we didn't have to take the floor model :) It's a perfect size for our kitchen and matches the black in our current appliances, etc.

I thought it would look huge at first and that it would take a while to get used to it, but I'm already used to it and it's only the next morning! That must mean it was meant to be, right? :P

It provides great extra storage space. I was able to change some things around and get my extra funky dishes and new water goblets in our regular cupboard. I love that all of our dishes are now in one section in the kitchen :) It's the organization geek in me, what can I say?

Our new island also provides great additional counter area while cooking, etc. And the best part is that the top opens up to provide twice as much counter space!

It even has a marble insert for a cutting board.

Ahh, I love our new island! It was just what our little kitchen needed and just what we were looking for!

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