Saturday, September 19, 2009


Peter and I went back to the Outer Banks again this year for vacation. We decided to go to Kitty Hawk instead of Corolla. We wanted to try out different places and see which areas we liked best. We ended up liking Corolla better. Corolla was more remote and had much more beach than Kitty Hawk. We went during the week of Labor Day again since we had such great weather last year. Such was not the case this year haha. It rained more than half the time, but we still had a great time!

The beach on the evening we arrived:

Our first morning on the beach. It was a bit chilly!

Ahh-the sun came out!

A huge sea turtle died during one of the stormy nights and washed up on the beach. So sad :(

We went out to eat at The Outer Banks Brewing Station one night and it was delicious!! Such a fun night :)

Inside the brew house:

Fried ravioli appetizer. De.lic.ious.

Peter had the salmon which he said was very yummy.

I had the BBQ which I loved!

An outside view of the brewery:

I thought this was a neat little fact about the place:

We had initially planned to go mini golfing after the Brewery, but another storm rolled in that evening so we went back to our house and watched a movie instead. When the weather was nice the next morning, we headed out for mini golfing.

Peter is sad here because I was winning!

Enjoying a fun morning date :)

The house we stayed in.

Since there was no swimming in the ocean the entire week, we spent many sunny hours in the pool.

The road to our house. We were right next to a golf course so the landscape and scenery were quite nice.

Our archenemy for the week:

Even when it was a clear and sunny day there was no swimming because of the strong currents. We were allowed in the water up to our knees and could feel the strong pull just that far in.

We watched this little crab dig his hole for a while. It was pretty entertaining haha.

We spent our last evening of vacation on a fun date that started with dinner at a waterfront restaurant.

Our table faced the water and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset with our delicious food. I forgot to take pictures of our food. (Probably because it was soooo good that we both dove right in!) Peter had filet mignon and I had a crab cake and scallops. I was so full, but they had homemade desserts so I got a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie to take home.

This was our view over dinner:

We ventured onto the deck outside while we waited for our food and snapped some great pictures.

My handsome husband. I love him so much :)

A few more great pictures...

Us with the sunset:

The sun's almost gone!

After dinner we went back outside to enjoy the evening and look at the city lights from the gazebo.

You can't tell at all from this picture, but we were in the gazebo here.

It was a bit windy. And I was a bit sunburnt.

After dinner we hit up another mini golf place for a rematch. This was inside one of the little towers.

Here's a picture of the whole place.

Unfortunately, Peter won--again! I always start out strong and then he always ends up winning! It was still a great night and we shared many laughs and made many memories.

Since I always collect shells, this trip was no different :)

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